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Idea #1002 Wedding party gift love and more!

Photo books today are full of creative possibilities and ways to beautifully preserve precious memories. In addition to preserving these memories, presenting them as a gift to loved ones or the super special people in our lives as a heartfelt remembrance of a specific time.

A bride recently created a custom photo book for each one of her six bridesmaids, as a special thank you for being part of her wedding party. In each book, the bride added photos and personalized remembrances of their friendship, laid out in stunning clarity, detailing their influence on the couple’s life and how precious the friendship is to both of them. Explore other great ideas… 

Photo books of today use digital photos from your phone or digital camera, and provide greater flexibility in displaying images. Are your parents about to celebrate a wedding milestone? Take pictures of the old photos with your smartphone and create a “Then and Now” custom photo book that preserves their journey to the special date in stunning quality. Another great idea for a heartfelt gift would be to create a “Brag Book” custom photo book for a long-distance Grandparent, displaying the images of your child competing in their chosen sport or favorite activity. Your child is an artist? Take pictures of their creations and place them in a timeline to showcase his or her talent. Most of the basic photo books use a matte finish on pages, and have soft or hard cover options.  Photo book sizes

Knowing your photos should be on display doesn’t mean you have to stick to the tried-and-true standard photo print, or photo book. We rounded up a few less traditional ways to memorialize your photos. Unique photo prints on Canvas Canvas Wall Decor or Metal Wall Decor Metal Prints also make great gifts. Give your child’s favorite Uncle or Aunt a personalized coffee mug Coffee Mug to enjoy all year long. Create personalized Thank You cards Thank You card to recognize those special gifts. Use your child’s school photo to create a lasting year-end gift Teacher gift for a special teacher. Here are our favorite ways to print outside that usual matte or glossy paper.

Make it a picture perfect and print away with Raise A buck!! Happy memory making from the RAB team!