Idea #1006 Get creative for your Valentine’s Day gifts this year

Valentine’s day is just around the corner. The English poet Geoffrey Chaucer was the first to record St. Valentine’s Day as a day of romantic celebration in his 1375 poem “Parliament of Foules”.

While flowers and chocolates are certainly appreciated, a photo gift guarantees your message of love is both personal and remembered.

Make your Valentine’s face light up with joy this February with custom items, created by you.

Here are our five favorite ways to gift and print outside that usual matte or glossy paper.

  • Give a gift that showcases your favorite “couples” selfies. A coffee mug or tumbler is a perfect way to display your portraits.
  • Add some love to your kitchen by displaying your most recent couples getaway with beautiful magnets.
  • Show your love and protect your wood surfaces with custom photo coasters.
  • Take your Valentine to work with you, with a practical and easy-to-design Post-it note cube.
  • Want to surprise your Valentine with an upcoming trip? Design custom luggage tags as a hint for your next getaway!
  • Don’t forget the kids Valentine’s Day exchange in class! This year, create the perfect Valentine’s Day cards showcasing your child.