Idea #1003 How to Write Awesome Fundraising Emails

Here is some motivational introductory text to get the excitement rolling…

Here are a few sample email ideas.

An email sent by a child to a family member

Hi [name]!
I am raising money for my school  and could really use your help!
We are working with Raise A Buck, who makes our pictures into cards, photo books, even dog collars. And our school gets 20% of all orders!
This is what my teacher asked us to include in this email:
Raise A Buck is... [send this to family members and friends - please share on your social media too, every little bit helps].
Our fundraiser kicks off right now! All you have to do is to CLICK HERE and begin your order! When you check out, just enter the PROMO Code: [promo code] to make sure my school receives funds.
Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

An email sent by a parent to a friend or family member

Hi [name],
I wanted to let you know that [child] is participating in a fundraiser for school and I really like what they’re doing this year.
The school has partnered with Raise A Buck, a company that provides photo print products like photo books, photo cards, etc. Since it was time to order our family holiday cards, I jumped on the site to check it out and I loved it!
I uploaded our photo to a card, played a bit with the fonts and stuck in the school's promo code at check-out. [child]'s school gets 20% of the sale and I get really great quality cards (I saw a sample at the school!).
The site also has a lot of other items like mugs, mouse pads, canvas prints, etc.  At some point I'll go back and use our summer photos from Maine to make mugs for my in-laws and cute return labels for the kids' stockings!
In any case, I wanted to let you know about the fundraiser in hopes that you might help support [child]'s school.
The site is and you MUST enter the promo code [promo code] in order for the school to get the credit.
Hope you all are well - miss you!