Idea #1004 Photo Books: The best way to safely hold your memories

Any parent will tell you, one of the best feelings they have is watching their child perform and achieve greatness in their chosen athletic pursuit. Many of our smartphones are loaded with images of a child running down a field, on stage with their dance troupe, or performing a special skill they have mastered.

As parents, we sometimes forget all the steps it took to get to a high performance level (such as a Varsity Team in High School), as life can get busy. One of the best ways to retain those early memories, easily and beautifully, is to document and create a custom photo book that details your child’s sports life. Creating this themed book is easy.

Things to consider:

  • Is this the first time your child has played this activity?
  • Why did he or she choose this specific sport?
  • How often does your child compete? Is it a weekly or daily commitment?
  • How does the activity impact your family?

Planning the layout of your book before choosing the photos you have collected will make the creative process easier and enjoyable. Be sure to include action images and imperfect pictures as this makes your book more meaningful.


Idea #1001 Photobook Inspiration

Digital photo books allow you to display your memories safely and beautifully, and it is easier than you think. Follow these tips and links for helpful pointers to help create beautiful books to share.

That old photo album your grandparents had sitting on their coffee table isn’t the only way to display photos anymore. Storing your photos only on a hard drive is like leaving pictures in a shoebox in the closet. For capturing memories and putting them in a timeline to tell your story, a photo book is perfect. How do I do this? Photo books of today use digital photos from your phone or digital camera, and provide greater flexibility in displaying images. You can can also take a digital photo of an old paper photo to preserve your non-digital memories. Most of the basic photo books use a matte finish on pages, and have soft or hard cover options. Explore photo book sizes and options.  Create a photo book as a gift for a special couple, grandparent, or friend to commemorate a special occasion.

Here are a few creative book ideas.




By children for children

Children’s art

Artist portfolio

Client book


Celebration of Life


Photo of the Year, Month, or week

Color book (photos of similar color tones)

Cookbook or cocktails with recipes

I Love You



Travel…the ideas are endless.

Our Raise A Buck quality photo books are printed on a glossy, laminate cover to give off a professional look and feel, each archival quality page is topped off with a semi-gloss finish. Sturdy hard cover photo books are great coffee table books for displaying major life events such as weddings, new arrivals, and family photos. Each book starts with 20 pages.