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  • Idea #1006 Get creative for your Valentine’s Day gifts this year
    Valentine’s day is just around the corner. The English poet Geoffrey Chaucer was the first to record St. Valentine’s Day as a day of romantic celebration in his 1375 poem “Parliament of Foules”. While flowers and chocolates are certainly appreciated, […]
  • Idea #1005 Why choose Raise-A-Buck as your Fundraising partner?
    While there are many companies offering fundraising opportunities, Raise-A-Buck is uniquely focused on partnering with you to achieve your fundraising goals. Our company was founded on the idea that fundraising with personally made, creative and well-made products should be easy […]
  • Idea #1004 Photo Books: The best way to safely hold your memories
    Any parent will tell you, one of the best feelings they have is watching their child perform and achieve greatness in their chosen athletic pursuit. Many of our smartphones are loaded with images of a child running down a field, […]
  • Idea #1003 How to Write Awesome Fundraising Emails
    Here is some motivational introductory text to get the excitement rolling… Here are a few sample email ideas. An email sent by a child to a family member Hi [name]! I am raising money for my school and could really […]
  • Idea #1002 Wedding party gift love and more!
    Photo books today are full of creative possibilities and ways to beautifully preserve precious memories. In addition to preserving these memories, presenting them as a gift to loved ones or the super special people in our lives as a heartfelt […]